May 27, 2013

Welcome to my new Sims 3 blog!
     So, I decided to make a sims 3 blog full of custom content I found on different websites and linking them there. I will be posting sims, poses, hair, lots, sims, mods, decor, etcetc. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DID NOT CREATE ANY OF THE ITEMS IN THIS BLOG UNLESS I MAKE YOU AWARE OF IT!!!!
      Anywho, here is my blog. Also note that my real name isn't autumn, but i'll be using it as if it was.
      If you have any questions that you have that you can't find answers to on the page, please contact me at

Please use the email only if it's necessary! I will respond to you asap.
Depending on how many emails I have, I will probably reply to you in 1-3 business days. Thank You for the support.


**Everything on this website is free so happy simming! 


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